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Continuity Of Care


Continuity of care is characterized by a continuous caring relationship between a client and health care professional over time. For most people, continuity of care is highly valued because it allows clients to build a relationship of trust and understanding with their provider.

However, in today’s fast-paced obstetric and nurse midwifery models, continuity of care is often sacrificed in order to provide large-scale services to growing populations. This means that even if you’ve hired a doctor or midwife that you really connect with, that person is rarely present when it comes time to birth your baby.

Instead, you are given whichever doctor or midwife is working at the hospital when you go into labor and it’s often someone you’ve never met before. While this model may be effective at delivering services within a strained healthcare system, it does not always work well for individuals and families looking for a more personalized labor and birth experience.

This is where doulas can fill in the missing link! Having a doula ensures that there is at least one birth professional in the delivery room with whom you have a strong, comfortable, and trusting relationship. This relationship is built prenatally so that by the time you go into labor your doulas are well versed in your unique style, hopes, fears, and goals. Independent doulas work just for you, which means your priorities are our priorities.

This trusted relationship helps families feel more secure, confident, and respected within the hospital environment and at a time of major transition and intensity. It also assures that there will be a familiar and understanding presence in the postpartum to review your birth story with, support breastfeeding, and provide newborn care information. If continuity of care is something you value or desire as a part of your childbirth experience, please contact us so we can discuss our services and begin the connection.

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