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Our doulas are some of the most experienced in town, we work in all the Portland metro hospitals and birth centers, and we create an affirming space for every family style and configuration.


The Doula Package

The Doula Package is a comprehensive service designed to offer expecting parents ongoing support, information, and advocacy throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum.


If you’re not looking for doula support but would like to get detailed information and practical guidance on how to plan for labor, delivery, and after the baby’s born, then individualized consultations might be a great fit for you.


If you’d like to process a particular concern or want to explore the emotional, psychological, or spiritual aspects of the childbearing year, counseling can bring depth and meaning to your transformative journey.


Supporting VBAC

Over the years, dozens of clients have hired us as part of their preparation for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and it’s some of the most rewarding work we do. These people usually arrive in our office with a complex combination of determined commitment and anxious uncertainty.
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Continuity Of Care


Continuity of care is characterized by a continuous caring relationship between a client and health care professional over time. For most people, continuity of care is highly valued because it allows clients to build a relationship of trust and understanding with their provider.

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What Doulas Do


People frequently ask us what a birth doula actually does, and our answer goes something like, “Well, it really depends. We tailor our services to each client’s particular needs, but basically we offer families professional support during pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum.”
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