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If you’d like to process a particular concern or want to explore the emotional, psychological, or spiritual aspects of the childbearing year, I’m also a marriage and family therapist specializing in this area.


$75-$100 Sliding Scale

The childbearing year is a time of great anticipation, tender transitions, and major identity shifts. Counseling focused on this unique lifecycle phase offers a space where you (or you and your partner) can safely explore your changing life, process a variety of emotions, prepare for the transformation of birth, and look ahead to the joys and challenges of the postpartum. For more detailed information on my counseling services, please go to Counseling sessions can focus on whatever interests or concerns you most, but here are some common topics that people choose to focus on:

Self-image and your changing body
Exploring hopes and goals
Stepping boldly into your shifting identity
Identifying your inner strengths and resources

Discovering labor techniques unique to you
Addressing worries and concerns
Preparing for the tender postpartum

Exploring inner and outer obstacles or challenges
Processing previous pregnancies and births
Defining the kind of mother or parent you’d like to be

Examining societal expectations and pressures
Exploring relationship changes and opportunities
Processing family history or abuse history
Coping with physical discomforts or health issues
Grieving from miscarriage or loss
… and much more

For more information about my counseling and consultation services, please visit my counseling website: